Red Dead Online Cougar Place

Hunting Cougars at Red Dead Redemption two is as harmful as it is rewarding.

Some critters in Red Dead Redemption Two Are less harmful to search than others and therefore are needed to be murdered or skinned for daily struggles. 1 creature that you would like to be careful when searching is your Cougar. This guide is going to show you that the Cougar place in Red Dead Online.

Cougar Location

Some critters in Red Dead Online Maybe searching you as you’re searching for them. The Cougar is 1 creature you’ll have to be skeptical of. Cougars go by several names such as Puma and Mountain Lion. Cougars can be located in many locations across the entire world of Red Dead Redemption two. The 2 places indicated on the map above are your best possibility of encountering a Cougar.

The First place is south of Blackwater from the Great Plains. Place a mark at the base of this”I” and mind that direction. If you’re in your horse, gradually approach the region, as the Cougar might be putting down in the bud. The next Cougar place is west of Blackwater in Tall Trees, only left of the”T” at Tall. This Cougar will soon be laying back on a stone in the ravine.

A scoped rifle would be your best weapon to use with this particular Task since it is possible to take the Cougar from an area. Players may utilize Predator Bait to lure the Cougars outside or use themselves as bait rather. I suggest utilizing Predator Bait because Cougars are one of the few mortal creatures you may encounter in Red Dead Redemption two.

Red Dead Online Cougar Place
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