Red Dead Online Panther Location

Panthers in Red Dead Redemption two are a Few of the greatest predators. This is the place you can locate them.

Some critters in Red Dead Redemption Two Are less harmful to search than others and therefore are needed to be murdered for daily struggles. One creature that you would like to be careful with if searching is your Panther. This guide is going to demonstrate the Panther place in Red Dead Online.

Particular animals in Red Dead Online are Maybe searching you as you’re searching for them. One of these animals is the Panther. This feline is quite competitive and will attack players on sight. Your horse might be its next meal if you aren’t careful.

Panthers can simply be located in two places: south of Rhodes close Braithwaite Manor and north of Saint-Denis from the Lagras wetlands. Either place is excellent for searching panthers, but it could take a while for the panther to appear. Two approaches are used when searching panthers: the secure method and also the not-so-safe method.

The secure Method involves putting Predator Bait within an open region to lure the Panther outside and shooting it with a scoped rifle from an area. The not-so-safe strategy involves pushing your horse to the place with your weapon drawn, which makes you the lure. It’s ideal to utilize your Eagle Eye to take a Panther down as swiftly as possible.

Hopefully, You chose to go with the safer choice and choose the Panther in a space. As soon as you’ve removed the Panther, you’re able to skin your own kill and harvest Panther Fur and Big Game Meat or toss it to the back of your horse to get a Panther Carcass. Ensure that you check our Red Dead Redemption two records for much more information in your favorite Wild West game.

Red Dead Online Panther Location
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