Craftopia is Full of Various Sorts of tools which you may need to monitor down to assemble all of the things in the sport. In the following guide, we’ll be using all the various tools, and ways to receive them.

We’ll be adding to the particular article as to get into the sport and Find more funds. We’ll also upgrade it after every Significant article Drop for the match.

Straightforward Resources

  • Wooden Logs — harvest out of trees. You can use your bare hands or an axe which price 5 Logs to Construct
  • Stone — Stone could be gotten out of the big boulders which are dotted around The map. Smooth boulders are only for display, you want to find the angular boulders, then hit them with a pickaxe.
  • Sand — you can get sand by dividing boulders that provide you rock.
  • Copper — could be gotten out of the dark brown boulders using all the dark brown metals in them. You’re able to harvest them using a rock pickaxe.

Animal-Related Resources

  • Wool — you can get wool by killing witches, they’ll drop it on passing.
  • Eggs — could be obtained by killing cows or monos.
  • Bird Feathers — could be obtained by killing cows.
  • Animal Flesh — could be obtained by killing many creatures.
  • Milk — could be obtained by killing cows.

Manufactured Resources

  • Copper Ingot — you are able to craft these with the Stone Furnace and putting aluminium inside
Resources and how to farm them in Craftopia
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