The Long Drive Best seeds

The Long Drive is a survival driving game That’s Been gaining in Fame since its launch in late 2019. Players can research a randomly created post-apocalyptic desert with many different vehicles and survival challenges. The inventor of the game allows players completely free hands to explore the entire world for their heart’s content. A wonderful feature of the game is the ability to utilize seeds to alter the method by which the map is created. Here’s a listing of our favourite seeds to use while enjoying The Long Drive. Everyone will provide players with an enjoyable and one of a kind experience with loads of space to explore.


This map is almost completely horizontal. If You’re the Sort of player that likes to drive, or when you would like a good deal of room to have fun with stunts and controllers, this is the best seed. It supplies a near-endless simple that you do as you please. This is excellent for just relaxing and killing time.


This map is filled with steep hills. Players Might Need to keep a watch out For additional resources to take care of the uphill climb, but the fall from the top may be a great deal of fun. This is a great map for experimentation or for only using a change of scenery.


This is a great map for gamers who need a challenge. The street is covered in stones turning it into a fun obstacle program. If you are not careful when browsing this map you might wind up leaving components strewn supporting you.


This seed has a boat right close to the stem for one to research. If the Boat is available you can come across barrels of sources such as gas, petroleum, and water, you can get loads of gas and additional sources early on providing you more time to explore the map.


This is a map which has been discovered by Genesis, the game’s founder. The map Includes a huge mountainous terrain which gamers need to negotiate. The map is equally hard and a great deal of fun to make it through.


This really is a fun map to use for extended drives that are dumb. The Vast Majority of The map is a level plain. It ends at a steep mountain or mountain to nowhere. The map does not have anything interesting apart from the abrupt ascent. Horizontal maps such as this you give players a great deal of space to play in just about any way they need.


This seed will spawn you close to a warehouse with vehicles indoors. Since Seeds don’t impact automobile spawn rates or state that you have the potential to receive any automobile in any circumstance with every use of the seed.

The Long Drive Best seeds
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