Fortnite update 14.10 just got a massive map change

Well, we predicted it. The 14.10 upgrade has introduced a significant map shift into Fortnite, as Tony Stark has beamed at a massive chunk of ground and dropped it on the northeast corner of this map.

Like the more significant Marvel-related landmarks Which Have Been appeared all Over the map, this is a massive circle of ground which includes a lake, deserts, and also a brand new named place. We will not know the title before the servers return, and we could get in the match, but it sure does look somewhat. We’ve got a copy of the map, because of FunGamesLeaks, which means that you may have a fantastic look in the map shift on your own. As you can see, it is enormous.

Also, we have some images of this newest POI in-game, as a result of the severe labour of Hypex. All of it looks immaculate cut and scientific, so hopefully brand new hero is connected to the place, though it may be a Stark Industries construction, we imagine.

The brand new game documents also indicate that There’ll be a vault at this Brand new place, and vaults always signify a brand new boss. Can this mean fresh Mythics too? We sure hope so.

New termed places in Fortnite always Become a murderous bee-hive The very first day they look, but we’ll be right in the centre of this Insanity once the servers return, bringing you many details Relating to this new place as we could.

Fortnite update 14.10 just got a massive map change
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