Craftopia has a desire mechanic, and if you do not keep your meals Level up, you’re likely to have a fairly poor time. It’s also extremely important to eat cooked food, not raw food. Therefore, you may wish to track down lots of meals and also have the means to cook it. In the start of this game, things will probably be quite crude, but in this manual, we’ll provide you with the knowledge to not starve to death on the shore.

Obtaining food

You can get food from animals, such as cows, deer, and cows, and You may also get it by picking up plants like mushrooms. Obtaining plants is simple, you simply press E when you’re alongside them and your personality will pick up them.

Animals Have to Be crushed into submission before they’ll give up Those yummy treats, regrettably. At the beginning of the match, the best method to do so is using a wooden pole. It is possible to create one with five logs harvested from trees. As you ought to also possess an axe and a pickaxe, and those can hurt critters, they are rather slow, and so you’ll have to chase the creature.

The timber stick is quickly, and will immediately knock out afterwards creature, Which makes it shed its sources, such as meat. Sheep are most likely the most effective early game supply of meals, as these sneaky chicken can be tough to catch.

Cooking meals

To cook meals, you’ll require a campfire. Open the menu in a Rock workbench by interacting with it. Scroll down to the Campfire choice, which will charge 5 Logs and 5 Stone. Craft it, then put it to the ground. To accomplish this, place it on your hot bar, press the appropriate button, then find a fantastic place for this. Hit on the left mouse button to put it.

The Great news is that cooking does not currently require any gas, Though this might vary in a future upgrade. Socialize with all the campfire and then set the food which you would like to cook at the slot. It is going to have a brief quantity of time to cook every bit, then you may take it in the campfire by interacting with it.

To consume foods, you can take put it on your hot tub, and click on the Important button, or you may double click it on your Inventory if you’d prefer not to fill your sexy bar with snacks.

How to Obtain and cook food in Craftopia
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