You may spend a Great Deal of time in Craftopia beating rocks, trees, and Animals with assorted tools. You do not need to make a brand new tool each time you violate one, so only doing routine repairs will keep all of them in great condition, and save some funds. The disadvantage of fixing items is the fact that it is going to lessen their maximum durability, so will have to be fixed more frequently.

To fix a product, you’ll require a Workbench. You may need 10 Logs And 10 Stone to generate a Workbench. You’re able to harvest logs from trees, and even Stone in the large grey stones strewn across the world. If you do not have any resources, do not worry, you can simply punch the tools you want into existence.

When the Workbench is assembled, Put It on your hotkey bar and then reach The appropriate number of the slot to put it. So long as the Workbench can be set somewhere, it is going to look in blue and just hit the left mouse button to validate the positioning.

Now, to fix items, you Will Have to stand Before this Workbench and have the thing on your hotkey bar. Press the hotkey button to the item you would like to fix, then press it again to begin the repair procedure. It will not take long, but you should only actually take action if the thing is only going to split to get the maximum from this thing in question.

You can repair the item exactly the Exact Same way, even with no workbench, but From what we could tell doing this in a workbench will lessen the durability.

How to restore items in Craftopia
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