Madden NFL 21 1.07 patch notes update

Yes, Madden 21 Might be Somewhat Brief on the Manners side, but its gameplay Has been a great step toward another generation. Together with the newest version 1.07 upgrade, issues on the field are shrunken down much more. Including eliminating issues for example defenders who warp throughout the area, together with sacked quarterbacks no more capable to throw the ball.

Away from the field, transitions between menus have become more Fluid, making for faster load times. The Yard also sees a batch of developments, together with leaderboards being inserted so that players may compare and conquer the scores of the buddies’.

All repairs and improvements added from 1.07

Gameplay Updates:

  • Pass Rush
    • Fix to an issue preventing defenders in contain from staying in contain when being blocked by a running back in the backfield. The rusher will keep their contain behaviour when blocked by any blocker on the line or in the backfield
  • Fix to an issue causing the initial pass-rush move of containing players to take them to the inside gap instead of their assigned outside gap.
  • Addition of logic to support QB Contain vs. play-action passing plays
  • Fix to ‘On-Field Trainer’ issues related to pass rush
  • Addition of logic so that defenders without the Strip Specialist Ability will no longer cause fumbles on QBs standing in the Pocket with Normal Sack animations on Competitive game-style only. Only defenders with the Strip Specialist ability will be able to force a fumble on a QB standing in the Pocket on Competitive.
  • Defensive Coverage
    • Fix to an issue when using motion in a Twins/Slot formation vs. Nickel/Dime/Dollar defences, defenders inappropriately swap assignments, leaving the receiver uncovered
    • Addition of logic to Cover 4 Quarters to better handle plays like PA Crossers
    • Fix to an issue preventing defenders in press-alignment from backpedalling appropriately
    • Fix to an alignment issue when flipping Nickel 2-4-5 SS Reno Zone
  • Tackling
    • Fix to some tackling issues sometimes preventing tackle animations from triggering vs. Juke and Jurdle moves
    • Fix to an issue causing a receiver to warp up off the ground into a tackle during a possession catch
    • Fix to an issue causing the QB to not react after throwing an INT while being hit by a defender
    • Fix to an issue allowing ball carriers to fake-out defenders behind them when using the Spin Move
  • Throw Out of Sack
    • Addition of new logic for when a defender is hitting a QB on his throwing arm the QB will no longer be able to throw the ball. The QB will be forced to tuck the ball or the ball will be fumbled
    • Increase to the fumble chance for QBs throwing out of a sack that are hit significantly before they have started their forward arm movement. The greater the Defender’s Tackle vs Quarterback’s Strength rating discrepancy is in favor of the defender, the higher the fumble chance
    • Fix to a throw out of Sack animation where the ball was not getting released by the Quarterback
  • Blocking
    • Fix to an issue preventing the left tackle from blocking the correct defender when running HB Zone Weak plays against Nickel 3-3-5
    • Fix to an issue with graphical distortion occasionally being displayed over blocker-resistance bars
  • General Fixes
    • Tuning to RAC-catch win-chances to reduce frequency of low-rated coverage defenders getting catch-knockouts vs. higher-rated receivers
    • Fix to an issue where Hitting RT/R2 + A/X at the snap would sometimes result in the Quarterback instantly throwing to the A/X Receiver
    • Tuning to give user control a little sooner after an interception
    • Fix to an issue causing Quarterbacks to use drastic turns on subtle movements
    • Fix to the run-speed for ball carriers on Triple Option and Speed Option, allowing sprint speed earlier
    • Tuning some celebration animation issues to clean up some minor hitching
    • Tuning to QB’s front elbow when inside the pocket to improve visual quality

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Improvements to the speed in the menus of Madden Ultimate Team and returning from game modes
  • Improvements to the speed when interacting with your players and items including upgrades
  • Address an issue where items in the lineup screen would initially show as 50/50
  • Numerous miscellaneous improvements to MUT Menu UI
  • Fix to an issue in MUT Squads where roles were not properly respected

Superstar KO Updates:

  • Fix to an issue in Superstar KO where roles were not properly respected

Face of the Franchise Updates:

  • General stability improvements
  • Fix to an issue with users selecting “Let Fate Decide” option when getting drafted
  • Fix to an issue with the user’s difficulty setting reverting to Rookie after every game

The Yard Updates:

  • Addition of “Frienderboards” to The Yard
    • These are leaderboards populated by your friends list that will display the Highest Score per event
  • Addition of a pop-up to remind those playing VS CPU events that they need a full group to play
  • When a user is offensive captain, control will now default to the QB even if their CAP is in another position group
  • Fix to an issue where location icons may not appear
  • Fix to an issue where full list of house rules may not appear
  • Fix to an issue where users may erroneously see “Finding Teammates” after leaving a session
  • Fix to an issue where Coach Cam always showed a CAP as being QB #12.
  • Fix to the pass leading for the Slot receiver’s Drag Wheel Route in Crossfire
  • Fix to a minor camera issue where the view was blocked by objects
  • Fix to an issue allowing an extra play after a fumble that went out of bounds on the last play of the game
  • Fix to an ‘On-Field Trainer’ issue displaying “Flick” above the ball carrier after catching a pass
  • Online stability improvements
  • General menu and interface improvements


Madden NFL 21 1.07 patch notes update
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