Starcraft crossover content Heroes of the Storm is teasing new Warcraft

The official Heroes of the Storm Twitter accounts has gotten the Game’s network buzzing with rumours of approaching content blending Warcraft and Starcraft tastes. On August 29 and 30, the accounts posted images of Zerg and Protoss spacecraft respectively, adorned with Warcraft-themed particulars and surrounded by dragons and gryphons — in distance. There’s not any word from Blizzard about what these pictures are all about.

The first teaser Indicates a Zerg Leviathan boat, with what seems like an Undead citadel arrangement on its rear. Flanking that the spacecraft are flocks of Mutalisks and Frostwyrms — two species which could only canonically match in Heroes of the Storm. The next teaser indicates the Spear of Adun — or some very similar Protoss spacecraft — re-imagined together with exactly what the game’s network considers is a different Draenei aesthetic. All around you’re Terran Battlecruisers, accompanying its space in an unknown mission.

Undead Leviathan ship?

What exactly does all this imply? Historically, out-of-context teasers such as This have signalled the impending arrival of fresh material, make it an in-game occasion, new map, new protagonist, or any other new attribute. Based on these pictures, we could guess the new addition won’t be one fanatic, because the graphics blend both distinct franchises of Warcraft and Starcraft together. Additionally, Heroes of the Storm welcomed a brand new hero rather lately with the accession of Mei from Overwatch.

It Appears much more Probable that the teasers are hinting at a new map Or game style coming into Heroes of the Storm, or possibly a sweeping Nexus Anomaly to spice up the MOBA’s game play. We’ll know more soon, as Blizzard will follow up teasers such as this using a show a day or 2 afterwards.

Starcraft crossover content Heroes of the Storm is teasing new Warcraft
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