Epic Games Store GOG Galaxy 2.0

The GOG Galaxy 2.0 program has enlarged its own official integrations to incorporate the Epic Games Store.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 has formally incorporated with all the Epic Games Store, according to a recent media release. The integration lets users bring over their matches and buddies list in the Epic Games Store around to GOG Galaxy 2.0.

Epic Games Store Pairing

GOG Galaxy Is aiming to make a one-stop-shop where consumers may see all of their PC and console games from several gaming platforms at a single cohesive library. “The purpose of GOG GALAXY 2.0 would be to bring your entire matches and friends together in 1 area,” stated the press release. Since launching in open beta, the programmers behind GOG Galaxy 2.0 have made attempts to make this aim a reality.

“We are excited that Epic Games Store Integration has arrived at GOG GALAXY 2.0,” said Steve Allison, General Manager of this Epic Games Store. “It is an important step towards breaking down walls between PC shops, as it enables a unified experience for gamers to handle their own PC games library independent of where their matches were bought”

The Epic Games Store is not the First integration to accomplish the program. Formerly, GOG Galaxy 2.0 formally incorporated with Xbox Live. This lets users connect their Xbox games and buddies with GOG Galaxy 2.0. A number of unofficial community integrations can be found in-app also, such as Origin, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Uplay.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 also enables users to look at their gambling subscriptions in 1 area. Users may also see a list of installed and owned games from other platforms that are connected. Your playtime and leaderboard stats can be found for every game also. Games could be found right from the GOG Galaxy program, even if they’re from other gaming platforms.

Those interested in downloading the GOG Galaxy 2.0 program to try out the newest integrations can go over to the GOG Galaxy site to begin. Stay tuned for much more GOG Galaxy updates and news!

Epic Games Store GOG Galaxy 2.0
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