Liberated PC Publish Date Revealed with Free Sneak Peek

A free presentation of Liberated is going to be available on Steam and for people who wish to test before they buy.

Cyberpunk action-adventure sport Liberated Will soon be coming to PC at the end of the month, according to another trailer from writer Walkabout Games. In anticipation of this game’s forthcoming launch, a new”sneak peek” was made available for a limited time.

Liberated PC Release Date

Liberated Will launch PC on Thursday, July 30. Originally released on Nintendo Shift, the PC version will contain visual enhancements combined with two free DLC chapters along with complete English voice-overs. Liberated will be available for $19.99 on Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, and GeForce Currently.

Liberated is a graphic-novel-style adventure game set in a cyberpunk world. Within this platformer, you play with the activist trying to expose an undercover government amidst a brand new revolution. Liberated comes with a hand-drawn, noir art fashion in which the activity occurs across the tissues of a comic novel.

Liberated Sneak Peek

Those interested in looking for the sport Beforehand can download the Liberated Sneak Peek on Steam and The free demonstration will soon be available until Monday, July 27. The Sneak Peek Comes with an abridged version of the match’s third phase, with scenes Removed to prevent spoilers. It Is a Great way for gamers to give the sport A test run before launch. Make sure you go to the official Liberated site for additional particulars.

Liberated PC Publish Date Revealed with Free Sneak Peek
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