Red Dead Online – Geese Location

Geese could be seen in abundance at this place in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Geese are among many kinds of birds you’ll discover in the area of Red Dead Redemption two. These critters can only be seen in a couple of places and have to be searched when the Daily Challenge arrives. This guide is going to reveal to you the Geese place in Red Dead Online and can help you finish the challenge related to them.

Geese Location

Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online Are a method of gaining experience, gold, and cash. Some challenges require the participant to select certain plants, see specific places and search certain animals. One challenge particularly,”0/2 Geese skinned”, requires the participant to discover and kill geese.

Pairing and skinning a Goose will benefit players with Plump Meat and Feathers. Plump meat can be cooked and absorbed, whereas the Feathers may be used for crafting. Geese are found in the grasslands of The Heartlands and Lemoyne. One place particularly has many geese in 1 place, therefore killing two of these will not be difficult.

Players Will Have to head into the mouth of the Dakota River near Bard’s Crossing. You can discover this place just east of Riggs Station or west of Flatneck Station. Considering that the goose is a little size bird, then you may wish to equip your Varmint Rifle. The Varmint Rifle will make sure you find the highest superior kill.

After Skinning and plucking your geese, you might be given a Flight Feather out of the hard work. Flight Feathers are utilized to create a variety of arrows for your bow. Therefore it’s excellent to have plenty available. As soon as you’ve gathered your kill, be sure to have space for some Red Sage to decide on your Plump Meat. Be sure that you take a look at our Red Dead Redemption two archives for much more information.

Red Dead Online – Geese Location
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