How to download PUBG Mobile Season 15 Report

PUBG Mobile Season 15, called Beyond A.C.E., Will launch on September 14, 2020, And will be contingent on the Samurai theme. The RP segment will get locked after Season 14 finishes on September 13, and gamers will not have the ability to finish challenges and missions before it reopens again with the launch of this Season 15 upgrade.

The upgrade will include exclusive benefits to Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile Season 15 Update won’t be published on Google Play Store or Apple Store, and it may be downloaded from the following mode:

  • Open PUBG Mobile in your own device, and there’ll be a small-sized in-game upgrade on the loading screen of this match.
  • The upgrade will begin becoming downloaded and it’ll take a couple of seconds.
  • Now, log in with your accounts when you have not, along with the RP part of this match will likely get unlocked with the coming of PUBG Mobile Season 15.
  • Visit the RP segment present on the ideal side of this display and begin completing your assignments to unlock the benefits.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 will include a brand new primary visual preview of degree Benefits, unpurchased rewards, and recently added cage things. RP points obtained between seasons will automatically convert to normal cards.

How to download PUBG Mobile Season 15 Report
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