The five super Legendary outfits in Fall Guys: (Ultimate Knockout Season 1)

Fall Men has been the knockout sensation, complete pun intended, of this battle royale genre. While the conflict pass was little, the match’s in-game shop was continuously updating and supplying new things to gamers at cycles of a single or three times.

While a Lot of this makeup include Common to Epic tiers, there Can also be a select number of famous costume bits. Here is the most effective known makeup in this sport—all complete outfits price ten crowns.

Gordon Freeman (Headcrab Variant)

While was epidermis is available pre-season 1, it counts. This cute headcrab Gordon Freeman version was a pre-order incentive for Fall Men. It is no more available to gamers today that the game has been published, so if you pre-ordered, you lucked out!


Half-Life is a Frequent theme in this sport, as the first Legendary Outfit shown inside the in-game shop for season 1 was Alyx. It’s not clear if those outfits will come back, or if their three days of fame were your only opportunity to catch it.


The Valve crossovers never Appear to finish as you can groom your fall man Up such as Chell, the protagonist of this Portal series. There’s yet an additional Legendary Portal-based epidermis, P-Body, which is adorable, but it was not quite cute enough to create this record.

Gato Roboto

This. This epidermis Is the most adorable skin in the sport. A kitty piloting a mech with a blaster gun autumn man outfit? Whoever thought of this really is a genius. Even the little small ears have been arguable the best part, and it is ideal for anyone playing a kitty ear headset. You know who you are.

Master Ninja

Here is the only Legendary outfit to make the record that didn’t possess a Slotted time at the shop, but it might show up in the shop at random occasions, generally just half of it constantly. It costs 10 crowns incomplete, however, you will not be spending in a single fell swoop.

The 5 super Legendary outfits in Fall Guys: (Ultimate Knockout Season 1)
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