Comparing Hitman's Agent 47 to Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher

Comparing Hitman’s Agent 47 to Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher

Comparing Hitman’s Agent 47 to Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher

Gambling is filled with iconic key agents, from initial characters such as Joanna Dark to already-iconic agents such as James Bond. Many of those characters are lost to time as contemporary games have branched far beyond the normal, gung-ho spy protagonist, even in favor of grounded characters. Others have made or intend to make a significant comeback shortly, exactly like Perfect Dark intends to for Xbox. Some of the most iconic brokers in video game background signify either side, together with Hitman’s Agent 47 viewing success from his resurgence, whilst Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher nevertheless stays in the dark.

Both highly-trained and Highly skillful key agents, Agent 47 and Sam Fisher, come from two very different backgrounds. 47 was really much born and bred to kill Hitman by the time he conceived in a lab. On the flip side, Fisher became the most iconic Splinter Cell spy after spending several years in the USA army. Both are exceptionally proficient at stealth, espionage, sabotage, and several other kinds of covert operations, although their career paths are enormously different. Apart from being extremely effective at killing the poor guys without creating noise, Agent 47 and Sam Fisher don’t have a great deal in common.

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Agent 47: The Ruthless Killer By the Area of Assassination


The roots of Hitman’s titular assassin are not especially realistic and, therefore, are definitely reflective of ancient 2000s videogame storytelling. Following Hitman Lore, Agent 47 is a genetically increased clone created by five DNA samples obtained from the planet’s main offenders. He is one of several powerful cloning efforts out of Dr. Ort-Meyer, who went directly to perform testing and form Agent 47 to the Assassination area he finds himself today. Several decades after, Agent 47 unites the ICA (International Contract Agency), carrying on different assassination contracts to hone his black craft and getting the notorious expert killer that he is.

Agent 47 is frequently Portrayed as the strong, quiet kind: he seldom displays any semblance of Emotion, seldom talks unless essential, and otherwise seldom Expresses any interest in anything aside from his job. Constantly, Agent 47 presents himself as neutrally as possible, Irrespective of the situation. Being the highly tailored, highly trained genetic clone that He’s, much of his upbringing has prevented him from displaying any typical human life Ideas. Paradoxically enough, he Isn’t completely Incapable of showing emotion in any way, but normally only does this in Support of manipulating those around him. Agent 47 is a”cold-blooded killer” in every sense of the term.

Comparing Hitman’s Agent 47 to Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher
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