EA's Refusal to Make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is Bizarre

EA’s Refusal to Make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is Bizarre

EA’s Refusal to Make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is Bizarre

For years now, Battlefield was one of Electronics’ top franchises. Many Battlefield Games do strong reviews and happen to be well-received from the neighborhood, and a number of them wind up being among those top-selling matches of any given calendar year. And this includes not merely the primary series Battlefield matches, but likewise the spin-offs too, together with the most prosperous Battlefield spin-off games being the Bad Company titles.

Battlefield: Bad Company and its sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company two, Stand out in the other matches in the show because of their exclusive narratives, sense of humor, and character-focus. Whereas most of the Battlefield matches have players taking charge of arbitrary soldiers in various historical wars, the Bad Company games rather comply with Preston Marlowe’s exploits and the titular Bad Company squad in literary battles.

More emphasis is put on the single-player attempts in the Battlefield: Bad Company Games compared to other titles in the franchise, which are inclined to concentrate almost exclusively on multiplayer and treat the single-player experience within an afterthought. It has helped the Battlefield: Bad Company matches carve their own niche in the Battlefield fandom, in addition to appeal to folks who normally would not play with a Battlefield game. Regardless of this Battlefield’s popularity: Bad Company matches, EA has not moved ahead with a third game in the show.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Are A Huge Success

It is completely bizarre that EA still has not moved ahead with a Battlefield: Bad Company 3, particularly when one thinks of Battlefield’s runaway success: Bad Company two. While the very first Bad Company match has been a lot popular, Battlefield: Bad Company two took matters to another level, making some of the maximum critic scores from any sport in the full Battlefield series and selling over 12 million copies in the procedure.

But even though Battlefield: Bad Company two being exceptionally successful, EA has not pulled the trigger Battlefield: Bad Company 3. Rather DICE and EA have concentrated mostly on releasing primary show Battlefield matches, with varying success levels. While Battlefield 3 proved to be a large hit, Battlefield 4 was so, and while Battlefield 1 is just one of those top-performing games from the show, Battlefield V’s earnings did not live up to expectations.

The primary string Battlefield Games are somewhat inconsistent, so it appears to be a no-brainer to place more time between releases with spin-off games such as Battlefield: Bad Company, particularly when they are so popular as Battlefield: two.

Remasters Or A Sequel

While EA hasn’t made any official statements about a new Battlefield: Bad Company Game, rumors have persisted over the decades that the business was looking to bringing back the series 1 way or another. Some rumors pointed into the revival being in the kind of Battlefield: Bad Company remasters that could improve the first two matches and bring them into contemporary consoles, not as Activision has performed with a number of its own Call of Duty titles.

Some reports suggest a Battlefield: Bad Company Remaster was in active growth at the same stage, but these programs were allegedly shelved. When the rumors are to be considered, the Battlefield: Bad Company remasters were at the functions in DICE LA, but growth stopped when Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella was set in charge of the studio. Currently, DICE LA is thought to be working on an entirely original job, and there are rumblings that the studio might even change its name as it eventually shows its fresh game.

Grow Back Fans

EA was voted the worst company in America On multiple events, and thus that the disdain that a lot of individuals have for the provider isn’t just a secret. And while phoning EA, the worst business in the USA, is absurd compared to other businesses that exist, it’s made some unpopular decisions through recent years. Among the greatest debacles in EA’s history came only a couple of years back as it and Battlefield studio DICE started Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Loot boxes have been hugely contentious, causing the match not just to be greatly praised by fans but also by governments worldwide. The Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy triggered a series of events that resulted in the loot box version being banned for several games in certain nations. This unfortunate scenario hurt DICE’s standing, but it appears like a Battlefield: Bad Company 3 game can win fans and then a few.

Not just will Battlefield: Bad Company 3 win back fans who had been burnt off by the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy, but it may also win lovers who were not impressed by Battlefield V, a match that offered much more copies compared to its predecessor.

Saving It for Later

The most recent reports indicate that EA is well aware of the requirement for Battlefield: Bad Company 3; however, it is careful about if it determines to bring back the franchise. The following Battlefield match is your now untitled Battlefield 2021, Which is predicted to take the whole benefit of this next-generation hardware given from the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X, forcing the franchise into never-before-seen heights. Perhaps Battlefield: Bad Company 3 or remasters of those first Bad Company matches will probably be next in line, although fans should not hold their breath.

A brand new Bad Company Sport will probably happen eventually, but the simple fact that it hasn’t Happened is quite strange and does not appear to generate any logical sense. When one believes the unbelievable achievement of Bad Company two, it is difficult to estimate exactly when EA can pull the trigger to bring the cherished Battlefield spin-off collection.

EA’s Refusal to Make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is Bizarre
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