Subnautica: How to Get Diamonds

Subnautica: How to Get Diamonds

Subnautica: How to Get Diamonds

With the launch of Subnautica, lots of enthusiasts are eager to experience the seafloor’s excellent depths. And today, that Subnautica has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, more gamers than ever are experiencing everything the sport has to offer you.

Like other open-world exploration games, There are enormous environments to explore and substances to accumulate, and among the rarest and most precious are diamonds. Diamonds are available all around the map in their natural crystal on the seabed or at shale outcrops. For the manual’s purpose, the shale places are the accent because it’s usually safer and has a better opportunity to assemble more.

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Diamonds, Exactly like at Minecraft, help craft precious items like the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Vehicle Upgrade Console, along with the Mobile Vehicle Bay. So for gamers searching for a little additional help with getting this uncommon substance, here are a couple of places to locate diamonds at Subnautica.

Mushroom Forest Location

The first place players Can discover diamonds is several shale spots around the Aurora Base in (562,-111,170). Players will require a radiation suit to have the ability to collect these materials. Only face the Aurora Base and float towards the tip of this arrangement. Beneath, there should be a Mushroom Forest place with shale chunks onto the wall beneath Lifepod 4. It’s suggested to construct a miniature base using a scanner space nearby to make scavenging simpler.

Mountain Island Location

For the next Shale place, while confronting the Aurora, turn to the left and look at a massive cloud that hangs quite reduced to the surface of the water. If gamers maintain swimming in that way, it will require them to some Mountain Island, the coordinates for this being (182,-36,850). Gamers might want to utilize the sea and keep it near the surface whenever they want to prevent encounters with dangerous sea monsters. After there, then swim towards the base borders of the farm and island for those diamonds. Fans should also remain careful around this region; lots of dangerous generates spawn around here.

It must be mentioned that diamonds are not the only substance to come out of shale. Players can also get Lithium And Gold too. So while it will not be superordinary, players should get diamonds around a third of their time from harvesting shale if they’re blessed. With luck, this manual helps gamers understand how to begin hunting and makes the process much simpler.

Subnautica: How to Get Diamonds
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