DayZ Free Mobile Game Download Full Version
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DayZ Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

DayZ Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

DayZ Free Mobile Game Download Full Version

DayZ (PC), information about this game

The unknown virus infects Chernarus, a post-soviet nation. It causes panic among the population. The survivors have developed a hostile mentality, resulting in the collapse of what little humanity has left. You are one of few who are immune to the virus. How far can you go to survive?

This is DayZ. This is your story.

DayZ is an online sandbox game that allows 60 players to play in an open world. Each player has one goal: To survive for as long as possible. You will not receive any simple tips, tutorials, or built-in waypoints. Every decision is essential – there are no save games and no extra lives. Any mistake could prove fatal. You lose everything if you fail and must start again.

DayZ is a dangerous place to roam the open world, and you don’t know what might be around the next corner. You can feel real emotions when dealing with hostile player interactions or just trying to get through the severe weather. However, a friendship with another DayZ survivor can make a lasting impression.

Your choices create an experience entirely yours and unmatched by any other multiplayer game. This is DayZ. This is your story.

The Key Features

  • Chernarus is a detailed, authentic backdrop featuring 230 km of hand-crafted environment based on real-life locations.
  • The emergent interactions between 60 players on the server are a natural source of emotion, and they all fight for survival.
  • Environmental dangers include the infected, unpredictable weather and animal predators.
  • Many survival techniques can be used to help you survive, from crafting and hunting through injury simulations and even infectious diseases.
  • Persistent server with complex loot economy and the ability to create improvised bases.
  • Visceral, authentic gunplay and melee combat system.
  • A detailed animation system allows for a smooth and responsive character controller.
  • Driving vehicles for transport and travel is a rewarding and authentic experience.
  • A robust technology platform that includes modules from Bohemia’s Enfusion Engine.
  • Seamless network synchronization and greatly improved game performance
  • This platform is open to user-generated content and offers the same tools set as we use for game development.



DayZ Free Mobile Game Download Full Version
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