Amairo Chocolate IOS/APK Download
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Amairo Chocolate IOS/APK Download

Amairo Chocolate IOS/APK Download

Amairo Chocolate IOS/APK Download

Overview Amairo Chocolate:

Autumn. A boy arrives at Yunagi Village as the leaves are just beginning to change colours. He meets a girl who gives out flyers and a cute and cat-eared waitress. P-Please, visit Cafe Setaria! He hopes to see you!” The waitress guides him into the cafe and leads him to another girl with similar ears. She thought her reaction was odd and asked him: “Can you see these ears?” Normal people couldn’t see their ears or tails.

The boy learns their secret and is forced to work with them at the cafe. He will soon learn all about the differences between their races. Another day at the Cafe Setaria. Ten years later, a catastrophic mass event forever changed America’s borders. As what’s left of the nation’s Special Operations forces, a mysterious group is known only as “Ghosts” leads the fight back against a newly emerged, technologically-superior global power.

Multiplayer is evolving with dynamic maps. These maps include interactive elements and player-triggered events, allowing the environment to change with each match. Players may need to adjust their strategies and tactics as the landscape changes. In the new Squads mode, you can create your team and send up to six of them into battle.

This mode offers the best multiplayer and lets you play solo or with your custom soldiers, which have been levelled up in multiplayer. Your Squad members’ AI behaviour will be affected by the load-out choices that you make. A sniper rifle will make your soldier behave like one, while an SMG guy will give you more freedom to run and gun.

Amairo Chocolate Free Download:

  1. Cat girls AND dog girls!
  2. Café setting
  3. Japanese


Amairo Chocolate IOS/APK Download




Amairo Chocolate IOS/APK Download
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