SATISFACTORY PC Game Download For Free

SATISFACTORY PC Game Download For Free

SATISFACTORY PC Game Download For Free


Satisfactory free download is an open-world, first-person factory building game that includes combat and exploration. You can play alone or with your friends to explore alien planets, build multi-story factories and reach conveyor belt heaven.

Satisfactory Installation-Game:

Build massive factories all over the country to conquer nature. You can expand wherever you like. Many valuable natural resources on the planet can be used. Your responsibility as an employee of FICSIT is to ensure they are correctly used.

Satisfying Free Download

You can build your factories with grace or create intricate conveyor belts that supply all your needs. To reach distant places, automate trains and trucks. Make sure liquids are adequately handled by using pipes to transport them. It is all about reducing manual labor. You can go on expeditions to find new materials, and you’ll be sure to make the most of it. You have the power to harvest nature! To make exploration more enjoyable, you have vehicles, jump pads, and jetpacks at your disposal. You should also have the proper safety gear in case you encounter wildlife.
* Open World: Discover the vast (30km2) alien world of Massage-2(AB).b and its unique fauna.
* Co-Op: Make a factory yourself, or have fun with your friends. You decide.
* Factory Building: Get a first-hand view of building a large factory. For your satisfaction, automate it and optimize it.
* Customization: You can customize your factory to suit your needs. Your factory can be built at high altitudes and on extensive plains. There are almost no limitations to the design of your custom-made factory.
* Vehicles: Explore the globe in style. Jump pads, factory carts, and jetpacks are all available. You have the option to choose.



  • OS:

    Windows 7 or later (64-Bit)


    i5-3570 3.4/ Core i3

  • RAM:

    6 GB


    10 GB


    GTX 770


SATISFACTORY PC Game Download For Free



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