Planet Coaster PC Download Game For Free

Planet Coaster PC Download Game For Free

Planet Coaster PC Download Game For Free

Planet Coaster PC Download Game For Free

Planet Coaster Review

You have the chance to be the park’s creator or owner. Planet Coaster Free download has three modes. The mode the player chooses will determine whether he is able to design or build a park entirely from scratch. You can also use an unfinished park to build everything. You can also build all you need to entertain, with some restrictions.
The simulator stimulates imagination and management skills. This game allows the player to realize all of his dreams. It is important to create attractions and transform the environment in the park. Visitors will be more delighted to visit a park that is more supernatural than their original idea. Even if the owner of the attraction is a magician, it doesn’t matter – visitors will be satisfied.
The game’s graphics and music are very well chosen. It is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. The management of the park is not for everyone.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel i5-2300 or AMD FX-4300
  • Memory RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 11 GB
  • Graphics: nVidia GTX 560 (2GB) or AMD Radeon 7850 (2GB)


  • Planet Coaster: Thrillseeker Edition
  • Planet Coaster – VIP Pass
  • Planet Coaster – VIP Group Pass
  • Planet Coaster – VIP Staff Pass
  • Planet Coaster – Preorder Bonus
  • Planet Coaster – The Munsters® Munster Koach Construction Kit
  • Planet Coaster – Knight Rider™ K.I.T.T. Construction Kit
  • Planet Coaster – Back to the Future™ Time Machine Construction Kit
  • Planet Coaster – Spooky Pack
  • Planet Coaster – FX17 Digital Goodies
  • Planet Coaster – FX17 Digital Goodies (Founder Level)
  • Planet Coaster – Adventure Pack
  • Planet Coaster – Studios Pack
  • Planet Coaster – Vintage Pack
  • Planet Coaster – World’s Fair Pack
  • Planet Coaster – Magnificent Rides Collection
  • Planet Coaster – Classic Rides Collection

Features RePack

  • Version: v.1.11 + 17 DLCs (Portable)
  • Tablet: (DeltaT)
  • Type: Informal

How to install Planet Coaster game

  1. Disable antivirus software! He can delete the necessary files for the game!
  2. Download the torrent and run the torrent client
  3. Wait for the game to load
  4. Launch the game using PlanetCoaster.exe.
  5. After starting the game, click “Create new avatar!”
    Attention!!! If the game does not start, add the game folder to the exclusions of your antivirus.
  6. Play and enjoy!


Planet Coaster PC Download Game For Free



Planet Coaster PC Download Game For Free
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