A modder saved Stray’s cat from hating Mondays and he now loves lasagna

“Moody cat adventure games” should have been a well-known genre for decades. However, Stray’s housecat protagonist feels new, and players want more cat options. Modders responded to that request by turning Stray’s orange tabby into all sorts of cats: black and gray, calico, and lasagna. You can now play Stray in Garfield.

Chris Rubino, modder of the “Garfield – Cartoon Edition” mod, is responsible for putting Jim Davis’ cartoon cat into Stray. You can download the mod at NexusMods.

Mod Garfield is a little like Garfield’s animated 3D movie version, but it’s not perfect. The movie version didn’t have a great take on Garfield’s classic cartoon look (two orange balls with arms and legs). However, it’s easy enough to identify as Garfield. Another Garfield mod adds a regular-looking, striped orange cat to the game. This doesn’t work for me.

Although I don’t know why you want to play Stray, it’s not impossible. Although he’s loved for both ironic and honest reasons, it’s not hard to imagine that Stray’s cat protagonist would have opinions about Mondays and spiders.

Growing up, Garfield was a person I loved. Evidence: Garfield is following me on Twitter because Garfield’s social media manager spotted that I might mention it to help establish my Garfield cred. Even I don’t want Garfield to play Stray.

I won’t be disowned if Rubino does what he has to do. It would be reasonable to wonder if a Garfield mod were not available for Stray if you have slipped into another dimension. Imagine a universe in which Garfield isn’t internet irony royalty. I believe that dogs are better than cats. The sign of time continuity should be a blessing to all.

There are many regular mods that Stray can do to make her cat happy, but they don’t have to be Nermal-hating.

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