Minecraft Player makes pets unkillable

Minecraft Player makes pets unkillable

Minecraft Player makes pets unkillable

Minecraft Player makes pets unkillable.

It’s not surprising that Minecraft players are drawn to their creations.

These pets might need life insurance, whether it’s a dog that is being attacked by a creeper or a cat that falls into the lava.

A new mod, however, has attempted to solve the problem of pet-killing without the need for paperwork. It simply makes them invulnerable to any act of God.

There’s no need to be afraid for your furry friends square

Modder LinearScripter has named the mod ‘Unkillable pets’. His previous work introduced the delicious flavours of Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

They’ve now used their modding abilities to eradicate the threat to pets and ensure that any injuries are immediately reported to their owners.

Unfortunately, they won’t be protected from your diamond sword swings. However, you might consider adding another player to your game if that happens.

DarkhaxDev created this mod called Friendly fire. He has made it possible to avoid those annoying moments when pets get in the way of enemy combatants.

This mod makes baby animals immune to all attacks, eliminating any concerns you may have about your most adorable critters.

Once you are satisfied, they will be safe; another mod may interest you. This mod allows you to increase the number and variety of pets you can choose.

Mod by strode, ‘hover pets’ adds new floating pets to the game. They will follow you around and offer unique perks.

Picking up a cow, for example, will remove any adverse status effects you have every minute. Bringing a chicken to your party will allow you to pick a random seed from the ground. Making a witch your friend will ensure that all villagers, iron golems and players are regularly flooded with healing potions.

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Minecraft Player makes pets unkillable
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