Deadrop is Dr. Disrespect’s New video game

Midnight Society, Dr Disrespect’s development studio, has released the name and background information about Project Moon, a multiplayer FPS. It’s called Deadrop, and, according to the Midnight Society website, it was created in 2020.b, when self-governing megastructures called the Refiner States to transform toxic atmospheric pollutants into an addictive substance called “space dust”.

Summary: “Once Government-owned facilities. The lucrative ‘DUST trade has now led to the forced occupation des REFINER STATES. Competing factions fight for control over the towers and the resources within.” The Skins and Syns will play the roles of the factions. They fight against each other and the Cleaners, who control the Refiner State skyscrapers.

Deadrop is a “vertical extraction shooter”. You will collect gear and resources while fighting your way up the tower. Your goal is to survive and extract all you have looted. You can then use this to pay for your next trip. This sounds like Escape From Tarkov, but with a cyberpunk twist.

Deadrop raised funds by selling $50 Founders Access Passes, which give players access to six-weekly builds starting in the early stages. Snapshot CL1859 is the first of these. It is available for founders to download and use to explore their homes and try an assault rifle at three shooting ranges.

This is very early in the development process. As such, most of the content you see in the uploaded videos by players will change. Deadrop is an example of why games don’t get released publicly so early in their development. If you are one of the streamers more interested in the game, there’s not much to see or anything to be excited about.

Midnight Society states that the build’s goal was to create the foundation for core player movement and weapon systems. It also created an environment to test the first weapon. Snapshot_CL 1859 also marks the start of authentication, profile and account support, and code for future Deadrop multiplayer functionality.

Every six weeks, new snapshots will be made available. The only ones who can test them are the 10,000 players who purchased a Founders Access Pass. This included a procedurally generated NFT for a character that serves as their avatar in-game. There will be more rounds of passes and NFTs available in the future.

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