Skyrim Modder brings Yorkshire Tea to Tamriel

Skyrim Modder brings Yorkshire Tea to Tamriel

Skyrim Modder brings Yorkshire Tea to Tamriel

Skyrim Modder brings Yorkshire Tea to Tamriel.

The land of Skyrim has many delicious foods as well as drinks. Even if you’re not using all the garlic to make a sword, you can still enjoy the land.

You might crave a refreshing drink from the real world if you have made this rare weapon and sliced your way through a bunch of rude NPCs.

Skyrim modder One has made your dream of a British cup of tea while you sat by the fire at The Bannered Mare or The Sleeping Giant Inn a reality.

Stick the kettle on Lydia, I’ve earned it

This mod delivers the delicious drink to you and is called Yokesheer tea – A Perfectly Balanced Mod with No Exploits. It is the work modder dbs156. He is also responsible for the above mentioned garlic sword and the shields that protect you against magic.

They’ve now used their modding skills to bring Yorkshire Tea to Skyrim in an approach that The Spiffing Brit would approve of.

The mod allows you to make three versions of Yokesheer Tea, which is copyright-friendly, using the game’s cooking pots. However, kettles have not been invented yet by Tamriel’s poorer and tealess inhabitants.

Click to Enlarge Credit: Dbs156 on NexusMods.

These poor souls can now have a cup of Yokesheer Tea every day. It is a full-recovery tea that restores their health, magicka, stamina, and vitality.

Yokesheer tea Decaf can be used if they are watching their caffeine intake. It will make their health, stamina and magicka regenerate 100% faster in 600 seconds while also limiting their excess energy.

Yokesheer Gold is for the most affluent and true tea connoisseurs. It claims to be the “most exquisite tea ever brewed” as well as “the essence of the Divines in tea form”. This tea gives the drinker a host of positive benefits, including increased stamina and health, magicka of 1k points, and curing all types of diseases.

Skyrim Modder brings Yorkshire Tea to Tamriel
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