It’s amazing what you can do at a Don’t Ruin A Funeral funeral

Have you ever wanted to go up to the man of the cloth who officiated the celebration of the life of a loved one and give him the kisser?

That’s not me. But videogames allow us access to the forbidden mindscapes of our collective unconscious to indulge in our most sinister and taboo fantasies. JackMcPhersonGames’ Don’t Ruin a Funeral will ruin a few funerals.

You can play this indie game for free on itch.io. To disrupt the service, you must roll a die. You can choose from six prohibited actions: kiss, bite, flip, punch, shoot, flip or kiss. The game immediately resets to its default state after you have disrupted the funeral. This allows you to start the fun over again.

The show’s star is the unnamed protagonist’s haymaker, ready for Golden Gloves. Nondescript rapscallion can ragdolling entire mourners and add insult to injury with an aoe crowd control effect. The flip move is also fun, and the crowd was strangely shocked by it. Love is the best way to ruin an event.

Don’t Ruin a Funeral is a Unity game that lets you make silly, giftable things for the shiggles. I’m not sure. Its isometric perspective and transgressive moral decision system make it a hardcore CRPG.

Okay, maybe not. But Don’t Ruin a Funeral can be a great little project worth your time.

It has a quote on the game’s page at itch.io with a fake IGN attribution.

“Don’t Ruin a Funeral” is a stunning game in the new 26k with cutting-edge graphics and mechanics. It’s a wonder of its day’ – IGN, perhaps? “I don’t know.”

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