MultiVersus already boasts millions of players

Fighting games aren’t often the most popular unless you’re Nintendo, and they release Super Smash Bros. MultiVersus, a free-to-play Smash-like game that joins forces with Warner Bros’ intellectual properties, is taking root.

MultiVersus had been increasing since its open beta launch a week ago. Every day, it is near the top of Steam’s concurrent player’s list (among juggernauts such as CS:GO, and Apex Legends). The highest peak was at more than 150,000 concurrents. MultiVersus can also be played on Xbox and PlayStation. According to the leaderboards, it has at least 5,000,000 total players.

Warner Bros. has not released official metrics for MultiVersus. However, its leaderboards indicate how many people have tried the game over the past week. My friend is the 4,929,968th most popular player in the game. He has only played 29 matches. I am beginning to understand how MultiVersus broke the 3 million ring-out community challenge and unlocked the Rick and Morty stage within hours.

Although I think it’s at the top of the totem pole, it could be even lower. When Player First Games celebrates the launch with a large number, we’ll be able to tell for sure. While it’s not a good idea to focus on player numbers, they can help gauge interest, and there seems to be a demand for free PC fighting games. Riot has announced that its League of Legends fighting video game will be available for free today.

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