Enjoy a Great Discount on The Brilliant "Two Point Campus"

Enjoy a Great Discount on The Brilliant “Two Point Campus”

Enjoy a Great Discount on The Brilliant “Two Point Campus”

Two Point Campus is the fantastic new manage-your-own-school sim from celebrated developers Two Point Studios and publishers SEGA. Two Point Hospital explored the humorous side of medical administration, but Campus offers a more educationally-friendly alternative. Players can guide students through far more bizarre and challenging courses than standard science and math. You can enroll in classes to build giant robots or answer the noble calling of being a knight. Or, you could learn how to become a wizard at a site full of magical mischief. This is all normal stuff anyone can register for during the annual clearing period.

Watch the new trailer for Two Point Campus…

Our ‘Excellent”-scored review states that Two Point Campus “is a charming, yet chaotic management sim with tons creative freedom.” “If you enjoyed Two Point Hospital’s funny take on the hospital environment, you’ll feel right home here. But, the game is also extremely welcoming for newcomers.” Check out our full review. This game will appeal to sim and management fans, especially those who enjoy a good laugh.

If that sounds like you, GAMINGbible has a special Two Point Campus discount when purchased on PC via fanatical. You can get the game for PS34.99 on your PC, or you can save 21% by clicking here to bring it down to PS27.64. Nice. You can pre-order the game now, as it releases Tuesday, August 9th. The code you purchase is valid on Steam once it arrives in your inbox.

Enjoy a Great Discount on The Brilliant “Two Point Campus”
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