A LEGO Elden Ring Wandering Mausoleum is a beautiful example of a magnificent structure made from LEGO

This is your latest creation of Lego: The Wandering Mausoleum by Elden Ring. The build was posted to Elden Ring by HoboSapient. It captures an amazing amount of detail from one of Elden Ring’s most spectacular and wondrous pieces.

HoboSapient posted the following on his Elden Ring subreddit post: “The huge Lego construction weighs 30 pounds, approximately 5000-6000 parts” 30 pounds is the equivalent of three small children, three chihuahuas, or two large housecats. This part count is comparable with official Lego kits such as the Lego Taj Mahal or the Lego Millenium Falcon.

HoboSapient answered the question “Lots and Technic” when asked how he constructed an internal structure that would allow it to stand. These would be high-grade Lego that is used to build older-age model kits.

It’s been an excellent year for Lego and video games. Soon, you’ll be able to get an Atari 2600 built of Lego. Someone ran DOOM on a Lego brick computer. They are making a Lego of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s cute droid. Everything is fine and dandy in plastic bricks and video game crossovers.–2022–generator–generator

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