Surreal Apex Legends is switching up character abilities

Apex Legends just launched season 14. It introduced Vantage, a new character. This marks the end of self-revive and increases the level cap by adding three more tiers to the 500-level cap. There have been some unexpected side effects as well, such as a funny bug that switches character abilities.

Reddit has started to show videos where players select one character and are given the abilities and capabilities of another, creating hybrids such as Valktane or Ashloba. There are many combinations, and players are keen to try them all. One player said, “Can’t wait for Pathfinder Valkyrie Kit,” while another joked that “I need to see Gibby pop a Bloodhound Ult and run down an Octane.”

Although the videos were very entertaining, it is a frustrating bug in real life. One player said that a Wraith with Gibby’s kit glitch was the “worst battle ever” and called it “infuriating to face.” It’s annoying to pick one character and then be manipulated by another. I hope Nat Clayton, a former PCG writer, is happy playing.

Respawn is well aware of this bizarre Freaky Fridayesque situation. Respawn is currently investigating the issue and will hopefully be able to provide a solution soon. Although it’s unclear why this bug is occurring.

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