Overwatch Pro has no idea that he was fired and discovers the truth at the same moment as the rest.

It’s one of the most painful things in life. But, finding out that you have lost your job unexpectedly via a tweet sent to more than 100,000 followers is a different story. That has got a sting.

Overwatch pro-Myunbong was let go by New York Excelsior. He didn’t know he had been fired and was tagged on Twitter wishing him goodbye. The original tweet, later deleted, featured a picture of Myunbong and the message: “Today I say goodbye to Myunbong.” We thank Myunbong for all his hard work and dedication over the past year as a team member. We wish him every success in his future endeavours.

It was a pleasant message if you knew you were being released. Myunbong was confused as he didn’t know what he was doing. He replied to the farewell message with a simple question mark and quoted-retweeted. NY Excelsior quickly realized its error and deleted the tweet. A follow-up statement addressed the major cock-up was released. Before making the announcement, the org stated that it had “failed to communicate properly with the team”.

It said: “To Myunbong. We are deeply sorry for our miscommunications and for putting you through such a situation. We regret that this wasn’t communicated more clearly, but we appreciate your patience and wish you the best in all your future endeavours. Myunbong took to Twitter to confirm his dismissal. He said, “The sudden news that I was being fired was due to a mistake in another department of the team.” “GL NYXL.”

This is an extremely unfortunate situation. As some have pointed out, it leaves Myunbong in serious trouble. Myunbong, a Korean pro, has been assigned to American teams since early 2021 and is now working out of the States. Patrick Dane, a writer, notes that “being on a visa in another country and discovering you’ve lost your job and your security via social networking before it has been communicated directly to you is so awful.” Myunbong will hopefully be able to find a new team soon.

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