Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date and Details

Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date and Details

Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date and Details

Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date and Details

As it relates to the Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest has had a very successful few years. Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Hero has had several games, including Dragon Quest XI S. Echoes Of An Elusive Age and Dragon Quest Builders 2. Dragon Quest III. The Seeds of Salvation was also released. Now, Dragon Quest Treasures is coming to the Switch.

What is Dragon Quest Treasures?

Dragon Quest Treasures, a prequel Dragon Quest XI : Echoes Of An Elusive Age, will provide details about Erik and Mia’s backstory. This game was first announced at the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary event last year. They also announced a HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest 3 as well as the first mainline Dragon Quest title since 2017, Dragon Quest 12. Here is the official synopsis of Dragon Quest Treasures:
“Erik and Mia live aboard a Viking longship.

They dream of one day being able to explore the globe in search for great treasure. They meet Porcus, a strange pair of creatures, one night and are taken to Draconia, a magical land filled with treasures. Erik and Mia are finally able to embark on the adventure they have been imagining.

Erik, Mia and their adorable companions will need help to navigate the vast Draconian world and find the treasures. Soon, the team meets and becomes friends with a variety of well-mannered monsters. Our heroes will make use of the monsters’ magical visions of hidden treasures and their unique treasure-hunting skills to race across open fields and glide through chasms to find loot in even the most remote em> spots.

Mia and Erik were both thieves in Dragon Quest 11 Echoes Of An Elusive Age. THsi will explore their evolution into the characters we love and know from that original game. However, this won’t reveal everything to fans who think they know all about these characters. In the months ahead of release, we’ll likely be seeing more about the game, possibly in another Nintendo Direct or at Gamescom Opening Night Live. Although it’s difficult to predict the future, we will likely see it soon.

When will the game be released?

Dragon Quest Treasures launches on Nintendo Switch in a special launch this December (9th). It may be released on other platforms in the future, but it will remain exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest XI – Echoes Of An Elusive Age, one of the first games to be announced for Nintendo Switch, was then released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a year later.

The game is available on Xbox Game Pass as well as Dragon Quest Builders 2. Perhaps we will see Dragon Quest Treasures launch on other systems in December 2023. We’ll keep you posted on any developments, so expect to hear from us in the next months.

Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date and Details
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