Splatoon 3 Pre Order Bonuses

Splatoon 3 Pre Order Bonuses

Splatoon 3 Pre Order Bonuses

Splatoon 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

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Pre-order bonuses are available at the following locations:

Splatoon 3 Special Edition OLED

Nintendo has just announced that the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch will be a special edition.

It will be released before Splatoon 3 (August 26), but it will include custom designs for the console.

It will include a pair of joy-cons in blue and yellow, with white underbellies.

The console dock features Splatoon characters and a large yellow splat at the bottom left corner. This creates a unique look for the Nintendo Switch OLED and is available in a special edition that fans can show off to their friends.

Splatoon 3 Pre Order Bonuses
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