Dual Universe, where players can create ships, launches next month after eight years

Novaquark, the developer of Dual Universe, has announced that it will launch on September 27th. Novaquark has been working on the game for eight years. The pitch is an EVE Online-like MMO with flexible crafting systems that allow players to create more or less what they like.

Dual Universe has been in beta since the beginning of the year. It’s slowly implemented things like space warfare and asteroid mining over the years without the galaxy collapsing. A new player experience will be available at the launch (something EVE has, somewhat late, become obsessed about in recent years).

This game boasts some of the “most advanced voxel technology ever invented.” The developer also claims that player creation is just one aspect of the game’s appeal. However, most systems are entirely dependent on players. The economy is player-driven, and every playstyle should be able to find a niche.

EVE has been mentioned a few times because it is a natural comparison. Novaquark speaks about the jobs of an automated mining operation, ore processing, ships, and “selling” codes that control weapon systems. These differences are largely due to the creation system. Planets play a part, but this is drawing many cues from CCP’s classic title.

This includes the fact that the game is persistent and runs on one server. However, it has a unique idea for players who want to try it out. The launch also comes with a free trial for new users, which will be run on its shard. Everyone who played the beta version of the game gets two weeks free. Those who are active receive an XP boost that lasts for six months.

Nouredine Abboud is the CEO of Novaquark. “Since Dual Universe’s beta launched two years ago, our community of Novean explorers and plunderers has created incredible stories in towering, underground bases and orbital space stations,” Nouredine said. We are grateful for all who have shared this journey with us, and we are excited to begin this new chapter in the game’s amazing voyage.

Dual Universe will be available on Steam and its website starting September 27th.

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