Wreckreation cleverly blends Trackmania and Burnout

Wreckreation cleverly blends Trackmania and Burnout

Wreckreation cleverly blends Trackmania and Burnout

Wreckreation cleverly blends Trackmania and Burnout.

Cultured Vultures is a big fan of Burnout. However, Criterion and EA are just as reluctant to make a new Burnout game as Valve is to make a Portal game. We love any new racing game that hints at the classic series. So Three Fields Entertainment’s Dangerous Driving was a no-brainer.

The game did not live up to its potential due to budget constraints. While the core engine was solid, everything around it, such as the weak UI and lack of licensed soundtrack, dragged down the core experience. Three Fields Entertainment is back with Wreckreation, and the idea alone makes it seem like a winner.

Wreckreation’s base level is similar to Burnout Paradise or the more recent Need For Speed games. This makes sense considering Three Fields Entertainment has experience with both franchises. You will have the opportunity to explore an open world and compete in events. Wreckreation isn’t named for its pun on recreation because creation is so important in the game’s design.

MacWorld is the name of the sandbox. It allows players to drop track pieces and stunt ramps to create their events and tracks. You can think of Trackmania to get the idea. It’s almost unheard of to be able to navigate an open world in a racing video game and then add objects or pieces. GTA Online can allow players to create huge stunt tracks, but that’s only for one mode.

Forza Horizon 5 and 4 have been playing with creating content in their open-world racing games. But what gives Wreckreation an edge over other racing games? It’s the online play. Instead of making tracks offline and then uploading them online, you can make tracks and place objects with your friends while they race.

This makes Wreckreation so exciting, especially for those who enjoy the creative side of racing games. You can place your race tracks in the open world while your friends’ race, which allows you to get instant feedback on how it works. Wreckreation could offer the best collaborative building experience other than Minecraft if it lives up to its potential.

Wreckreation has yet to be released. The game is only available for. However, the gameplay we saw included information about the Xbox controllers, so it would not surprise us if the game made it to PlayStation and Xbox. Wreckreation, which combines two well-known formulas in Trackmania and Burnout, could be the next great racing title.

Wreckreation cleverly blends Trackmania and Burnout
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