Farthest Frontier does not yet have official modding support. However, developer Crate Entertainment made comments about it in the future. Currently, the team is busy creating a content roadmap to guide the game toward its full launch.

Farthest Frontier could offer Steam workshop support in future. This is a possibility. But for now, let us hope the talented modding community can unravel the Unity engine Farthest Frontier uses.

Farthest Frontier Mods

Farthest Frontier has only two mods. They both use the Melonloader tool, which allows you to install files safely and then add them to your game. We have so far found an animal spawner and a camera mod that provides better views.

Keep checking back for more updates. We’ll continue to search, so let’s look at what we have found and how we can use them.

Farthest Frontier Extended Cam Mod

Topeveryday was frustrated by the game’s limitations and wanted to expand the options and provide a better zoom. These improvements are noticeable. You can zoom out much further to get a better view of the settlement you have built and also scan the area around your location. Download it.

Farthest Frontier Animal Spawner Mod

Paboyafx created the Animal Spawner Mod to help you spawn Deers and Boars and Wolves and Bears. It would help if you built a hutch or an enclosed space with walls for your spawning. This is to protect them from escaping! This is a great tool if you run out of food to feed your growing population. It can be downloaded.

Farthest Frontier Mineral Spawner Mod

Paboyafx has released another mod that will benefit the community. This time, it will allow you to spawn in mining sites such as iron, gold, and coal. This mod is for you if you constantly run out on these vital resources in the end-game. However, it requires version 0.7.4 and the MelonLoader. Download it.

You can reach us via Twitter or Discord if you’re an author working on Farthest Frontier mod projects. We’ll add your creations to the list. We will continue to add more information as we learn from the talented community.

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