FFXIV Frees More Gear From the Gender Lock

FFXIV Frees More Gear From the Gender Lock

FFXIV Frees More Gear From the Gender Lock

FFXIV Frees More Gear From the Gender Lock

Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV is filled to the edge with new stuff. We have another wing of the Pandaemonium strike! We have Island Sanctuary! We have new story journeys, another MSQ prison, another obscure Trial, and another Unreal Trial!

Charm is genuinely the final open plan. For all you marvelousness devils out there, one of the most interesting changes is the FFXIV group eliminating orientation locks on specific stuff. Gear that used to be wearable by male or female characters is being moved over; players can wear these opened things on characters of one or the other orientation.

Fix 6.1 had an entire piece of beforehand orientation locked gear being changed to open status. This round is, by all accounts, zeroed in on Stormblood-time gear accessible on the Online Store. The recently opened things include:

  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Hat
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Tunic
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Armband
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Bottoms
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Boots
  • Eastern Socialite’s Hat
  • Eastern Socialite’s Cheongsam
  • Eastern Socialite’s Gloves
  • Eastern Socialite’s Skirt
  • Eastern Socialite’s Boots
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Hat
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Robe
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Armband
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Bottoms
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Boots
  • Mun’gaek Hat
  • Mun’gaek Uibok
  • Mun’gaek Cuffs
  • Mun’gaek Trousers
  • Mun’gaek Boots

Four full-stuff sets from the Online Store can be worn by either orientation now. You can now place your Au Ra woman in a jazzy Far Eastern Officer’s Uniform. Assuming that your Hrothgar would look shocking in the Eastern Socialite’s Cheongsam, have a ball.

Fix 6.2 is coming on August 23, just seven days away! You can learn about the all-new Island Sanctuary, fresh-out-of-the-box new stuff, and maybe a little hypothesis about where the story is going and what the fixes proceeded with Final Fantasy IV references could mean.

FFXIV Frees More Gear From the Gender Lock
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