In the next Total War: Warhammer 3 update, you can turn on every apocalypse simultaneously

Each game of Total War 3’s Immortal Empires mode ends by default with a catastrophic event in the Warhammer universe. This spiced up an otherwise boring late game in a Total War campaign. It’s all there: A mass rising among the undead, an enormous horde of orcs, and the dwarfs tired of everyone else’s shit.

Update 2.1 is due to arrive on September 6. It will include a new feature: “Ultimate Crisis Mode.” If you choose all five apocalypses, this mode fires off all end-game scenarios at once. Creative Assembly notes that this may produce unexpected results in mods, particularly those that add more end-game scenarios.

As Creative Assembly adds more scenarios to the apocalypse, I anticipate that the Ultimate Crisis mode will get wilder over time. Fans have already datamined the skeleton for a Chaos Elector Count scenario to create a civil war within Human Empire. The infamous Warhammer Fantasy apocalypses such as the End Times or the Vermintide, which are not yet in Warhammer 3, are a bit too far away. (There’s even a series on that second one.)

The Ultimate Crisis mode announcement is teased in the trailer above and on YouTube. It’s also buried in the Update 2.0 notes under the Update 2.1 heading. Some other improvements in 2.1 include tweaks to the starting conditions, revamped Tzeentch Doom Knights, and other bug fixes.

Total War: Warhammer 3: Immortal Empires combines the entire Warhammer series in one massive map. Fraser Brown stated that even in beta, “it’s a strong contender to be the greatest Total War Campaign.” Read more about this chaotic masterpiece in Fraser Brown’s article.

Our Sean Martin, a messy mastermind, destroyed Immortal Empires using a Dark Elf Ark super fleet, sabotaging cities for almost half a million dollars.

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