Fortnite: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Paradigm

Fortnite: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Paradigm

Fortnite: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Paradigm

Fortnite: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Paradigm

In Chapter 1 — Season 9, Fortnite introduced The Paradigm as one of the most significant characters in the game’s past. However, she was soon abandoned. Her story as part of Fortnite’s main heroes faction, The Seven, continues, and the fallout from her past actions, conflicts, and disagreements with other members of Fortnite are finally revealed.

Paradigm’s actor is still to be confirmed. Her first appearance was in Chapter 3 — Season 2’s live event” collision”. In the weeks that followed Paradigm’s initial words, speculation ran rampant. There was even Brie Larson as a possible casting option. Paradigm was a silent character that she created in Fortnite’s classic Fortnite style of leaving hints.

These are five facts about Fortnite’s Paradigm, one of the most mysterious characters in the game.

She is not a singularity.

Singularity, Chapter 9’s secret skin, was released in Season 9. She was a mysterious individual who used the power of the centre of Fortnite Island and The Zero Point to recover what was lost due to the volcano eruption that had occurred the previous season. Her big cables, made from the Vault at Zero Point’s resting place, allowed retailers like Tilted Towers to get back on track with clean and modern energy.

In Chapter 1 — Season X, a skin named “The Paradigm” was released to the Item Shop. It is a Seven member. Players quickly noticed that she shares the same features as Singularity. It was often speculated that they were the same character for years. However, it wasn’t confirmed. In a video promotion of crossover comics, Epic Games’ Donald Mustard teased Singularity about the many names. The community realised it was her when asked which character was more important. Christos Gage was the Fortnite crossover comics writer. He finally gave a definitive answer that they were not the same.

After many ups and downs, Paradigm is finally comfortable in her role as a Seven-member returning to duty, leaving Singularity as a character. Although there are many theories about who Singularity might be, it is clear that she will be an important character moving forward.

She comes from a utopia.

Fortnite + Marvel: Zero War comics have provided some insight into the backgrounds of Seven members after years of not doing so. Paradigm’s home planet is technologically advanced. This allowed her to pilot and engineer the Mecha Leader in battle.

Due to Fortnite’s mind-erasing Loop, many Fortnite characters can’t remember their past. Every person brought into battle loses their soul. Only those who win a match can regain it. All seven members of The Seven have been in the Loop at one time or more and have managed to escape, regaining any abilities, including The Foundation’s super strength.

If they can access and calibrate their Zero Point, they will have to decide whether or not they want to return home. Paradigm may have done this after her first fight. This would have allowed her to reconnect with technology and rekindle her passion for it. She is an excellent addition to any faction, even if she could only use the Zero Point’s advanced technology and how the Seven have preserved it for thousands of generations, proving her intelligence and resourcefulness.

Chapter 3 — Season 3’s NPC Collection Book describes Paradigm, a person interested in tinkering and building new technology. This is comparable to the Scientist.

Scientists and Paradigm are the only members of the group that share an editing style. Scientists’ skins are a white version of their normal armour. This could indicate a deeper friendship over the years.

She Built the Mecha

The Seven members left Paradigm to defend the Zero Point during Chapter 1 — Season 9. The Imagined Order (IO), their rival, saw a monster called The Devourer emerging from an iceberg nearby, hungry for Zero Point’s infinite energy. Paradigm was not happy with the IO’s plan to make it die, absorb that infinite power and then let the Island and its people be destroyed. She suggested they support her and let her pilot the Mecha Leader, a massive robot armed with missiles from head-to-toe. The Devourer may have been a threat to Zero Point rather than just dying.

The Mecha Team Leader used a small amount of Zero Point’s energy to power herself. This made every punch even more powerful. Paradigm manages to crack open the Zero Point for a little more power in her fight against the iceberg monster.

After defeating the Devourer and losing an arm to the Mecha, Paradigm headed straight for the Ice Moon orbiting island. She was concerned that there might be more monsters as the iceberg she had just defeated contained a piece of the moon. She was wrong and crashed the Mecha onto the moon because of the severe weather conditions. The AI in her suit puts her deep asleep until she can recover.

Chapter 2: She slept through it

Some Seven members became concerned about Paradigm’s whereabouts while she was in hibernation. Others thought she had betrayed them for IO, but others believed she knew the whole story about how and why she made that decision. The Scientist and The Imagined searched for her at the beginning of Chapter 3. Her unconscious mind sent messages to the Island in the hope of rescue. The Scientist and The Imagined unified the Seven to support the Paradigm while the Scientist prepared for her arrival. But it didn’t come until later.

The Seven were not there, so players constantly asked questions about them. Chapter 3 reveals that they had been on the other side of the Island planning their next moves against the IO, which was about to happen. Paradigm stalled the IO’s plans for a doomsday device to destroy the Devourer and the entire Island. However, they are now ready to try again. Paradigm’s Mecha was destroyed by the IO, and the Seven saved the Island’s inhabitants.

She is a pilot

Paradigm is not only a skilled technique, as she was able to help the IO build the Mecha. However, Paradigm was the only one who could pilot it. Players could fly the Mecha with her as part of the Weapons Team the second time it was used. This gave them a glimpse into the hard work that goes into saving reality.

Paradigm is slowly being revealed in Zero War comics, revealing more about her past and expertise. This will also be true when she becomes a full-time member of the Seven. Paradigm is an important character that Fortnite can rely on for many years without having to convince others of her worth.

Fortnite: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Paradigm
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