Ex-Fortnite and Gears of War pro Xcells were killed in a shooting accident

Christopher “Xcells”, a former Gears of War, Fortnite and Fortnite pro, was gunned down at a Boones Hill home on August 24th. According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, who shared details of their investigation on Thursday, this is what happened.

WDBJ7 reported that the homeowner shot and killed Hill after being approached by a stranger. WDBJ7 was informed by a Franklin County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson that there are no pending charges.

Hill was a Gears of War professional player for Eunited Esports, NRG Hazard Esports and Enigma6 before retiring in 2017. Hill also played Fortnite professionally in 2018 & 2019, but he had been streaming on Twitch since January 2017. His last streaming was two days before his death.

Blaze, an esports talent manager and talent caster, remembered Hill via Twitter. He called him “one the greatest players to touch Gears.”

Nicholas “Icy”, a former Gears pro and 10-time champion, shared his sorrow on Twitter with many of his friends and fellow esports players. “I’m heartbroken. I love you, bud. FUCK MAN. RIP.”

Hill was 26 years of age.

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