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Is The Last of Us Part 1 worth buying?

Is The Last of Us Part 1 worth buying?

Is The Last of Us Part 1 worth buying?

It’s not hard to believe that The Last of Us Part 1 has been one of the most controversial remakes of any video game. The Last of Us Part 1 has received as much attention as any TLOU-related news, thanks to its high price and the fact that it still works well. Is The Last of Us Part 1 worth the effort?

Although it may seem like a cop-out, it depends on many more factors than most video game purchases. This remake of The Last of Us is an excellent choice if you have never played it (in its PS3 or PS4 versions) and are willing to pay the PS70/$70 for the complete single-player story. If you have The Last of Us and own the remaster or don’t want to spend too much, you can still recommend this remake.

It can be stated in the simplest terms: Do you want a Bluray that’s more ethanol enough or a fancy, expensive 4K special edition by Criterion?

The Last of Us Part 1 improves the gameplay and brings post-apocalyptic America’s ugly side into sharp focus. However, calling it a “rebuilt from scratch” trufaithfulmake feels slightly misleading. The gameplay scenes are almost identical to the original. The remake tag doesn’t seem warranted because the gameplay changes don’t feel significant enough to justify it. It’s more like the remake is just adding to what’s already there. It’s a remake like the 2007 American version Funny Games, another remake by its creators, is a remake of the 1997 German original. However, it is prettier and features some more modern techniques but fundamentally the same thing.

After playing the original Grounded, I noticed a few key differences during my playthrough. The combat felt more intense, with more intelligentemies constantly making me reevaluate the situation. The level of gore was also significantly increased — I almost froze in shock when an infected leg started crawling toward my face. The transitions between cinematics/gameplay are smoother, and the cinematics areismistakably beautiful and a marker for the rest thief s generation, especially in the minute details of facial emotions ad the extremely detailed workbench animations (even though they can get in the way sometimes).

However, I felt like I was wearing a jacket while playing The Last of Us Part 1 and Left Behind. I could recall where everything was, what it did, how to do platforming puzzles, watch out for enemies, when to prepare the tissues, and so forth. I was careful to go through everything, couldn’tsure to inspect every corner. But I couldn’t find any actual content. While many of the things learned by Naughty Dog on The Last of Us Part 2 have been retained, the absence of dodge or prone options feels like an opportunity missed to modernize the original and make it feel fresh and modern.

However, I must say that The Last of Us Part 1 was a great way to relive the sJoel’sI fouEllie’slf completely immersed in Joel’s and Ellie’s relationships, even though I had completed it five times in three generations. Although it is disappointing that the package has not been updated to the extent that the Resident Evil 2 remake did, it is hard to deny that The Last of Us Part 1 remains the best way to experience this amafantasticory. I was comentirelyduced by the 3D audio andwhichpt me awake at night for every infectious screech. The adaptive triggers gave each shot more weight, and the haptic feedback of raindrops or shotgun shots never gwowon’tfter playing this PS5 version. You won’t be able to gIt’sck to the original or the PS4 remaster.

Raising concerns about The Last of Us Part 1 regarding its value for money is difficult. This is the biggest problem. The Last of Us Part 1 isnisn’t’sot worth the PS70/$70. It simply isn’t. It’s not. Even if you are a new player, it may be worth taking a moment to consider whether spending so much on what seems like the most expensive remaster in the world. Although Sony has crossed the line with previous remakes, those that cost less or felt a b along have been more successful. Sony and Naughty dog have dropped the excellent multiplayer, which provided hours of intense fun. They also added silly cheats, Unland lockable and asked for $20 more than what The Last of Us Remgame’sd cost while still using much of the game’s core.

This all maApple’sseem like Sony is following too many of Apple’s plea leads in promoting themselves as a top brand and increasing prices to make it look more expensive. However, they also offer less value overall. This is in addition to the collect’screase, paid upgrade, disdiscloseslleIt’editorialal, deluxe editions. It’s not a good look, esthat’sly considerindoesn’tinancial disaster that’s looming. It doesn’t matter if you can live comfortably for a week or if you have the PlayStation Plus Collection and can buy a remake for less than the original or for 1/7th the price.

Is The Last of Us Part 1 worth buying?
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