Halo Infinite Local Cooperative Op Cancelled

Halo Infinite Local Cooperative Op Cancelled

Halo Infinite Local Cooperative Op Cancelled

Halo Infinite Local Cooperative Op Cancelled

A recent update by 343 Industries revealed that Season 3’s release date was being pushed back.

A video diary also suggests that the split screen co-op might have been canceled.

All the details are here.

Canceled Halo Infinite Local Cooperative

It’s possible that this temporary decision was made, but a split-screen coop may eventually emerge. The wording seems to indicate that Halo Infinite’s local co-op has been canceled.

The good news is that online co-op seems to be moving forward according to the blog post. You’ll still be able to play the game with your friends. It will only be done online.

The Halo Infinite Season 3 delay was another key takeaway. Season 3 will now be released in March 2023, as opposed to November 2022 when it was originally planned.

Although it is encouraging that 343 has taken their time updating this content, many fans are still disappointed to have to wait four more months.

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We get to test the Forge Beta in November when the Winter Update is released. This is a bonus. Custom maps are a Halo online favorite since Halo 3.

Halo Infinite Community Reactions

This situation has evoked mixed reactions. While some fans were pleased that time was being taken to update, others considered the move a loss for 343 Industries.

Others believed that the extra content we could anticipate would make up for the gap between March and now.

While it is not clear how this will impact the game’s player base, at least half the fans seem to have embraced the move. At least for now.

Halo Infinite Local Cooperative Op Cancelled
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