Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod brings back the polygonal look

An earlier mod for Final Fantasy 7 Remake changed the high-resolution model Cloud in a dress for one with a lower-poly appearance. But now, the mod everyone has been waiting for is finally here. It replaces all Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s expressive and high-resolution models for the pointy polygons from the 1990s. You can see their mouths in the 1998 Windows version. (This mystery was solved by Wes Fenlon, an intrepid researcher who looked into it in Why the heck do they have mouths? A Final Fantasy 7 PC retrospective.

FantasyRaider’s mod Polygonal Players replaces Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Yuffie, Sonon from the Intermission chapter. However, the in-engine cutscenes and gameplay will feature the characters of the remake. Cinematics created with higher-definition models, however, will show them. It’s pretty strange to see Cloud with Lisa Simpson hair, and staircase eyebrows, alongside modern-looking characters wielding high def weapons. However, it’s very entertaining.

To install Polygonal Players, you’ll need to download the .pak file from NexusMods and make a ~mods folder inside your FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks directory to put it in. You will need to download the entire 6.5MB file to install all of those polygons.

Polygonal Players could be combined with the mod to fix the original’s camera. There are nude Sephiroth mods available for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. They come in many styles. You can also check out the dev console unlocker. There’s something for everyone.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will continue with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It is expected to be released next winter. You never know what modders can do with it. Once they make Tifa’s boobs larger, that is.

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