Get our top-rated gaming keyboard before it goes out of stock

We have seen many keyboards of all types and makes. To help you rank them according to their use, we often divide them into different categories, such as mechanical or wireless. The Wooting Two He, the analogue master, holds the top spot for gaming.

You might be tempted to buy the Wooting Keyboard, our favourite gaming keyboard. According to the Wooting Keyboard Twitter account, the keyboard will be out of stock by October. The company doesn’t expect the stock to be available again until the start of next year, so it doesn’t miss out.

This is partly due to Wooting’s 60% keyboard being diverted parts, which can be preordered at the moment. The website explains that although this keyboard is being mass-produced, there are still tonnes of preorders. The latest batch will ship in October. This board is likely to be a great TKL board, but if your preference is full-size, you will need to order the Wooting Two HE.

The Wooting Two He is not on our list of the best gaming keyboards for cheap. They cost $167 USD but are unique compared to other gaming keyboards. Analogue switches can be used to measure distance when pressed. This can be useful for programs and games that require more precise inputs. These features are demonstrated in the video at the top of this page. Jacob Ridley, the excellent reviewer, explains how they work.

Although it is rare to find games with this feature, it is a nice feature that makes this keyboard our top choice. Hot-swappable keys make it easy to replace keys on the Wooting Two He. If you are concerned about the product’s durability, there is a two-year warranty.

The Wooting keyboards are also equipped with excellent software. Wootility, a program with a clever name, can adjust your RGB profiles and analogue switch settings. It is straightforward to use and has a clean interface, which differs from similar software. You can also save your profile and software to the keyboard, making it easy to load on other computers instantly.

Even if you already have the keyboard of your dreams, you don’t need to stop learning. These shortcuts will allow you to master the keyboard.

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