Marauders Beta time & Marauders Beta dates for September!

Marauders Beta time & Marauders Beta dates for September!

Marauders Beta time & Marauders Beta dates for September!

Marauders Beta time & Marauders Beta dates for September!

The Marauders beta dates were announced by Small Impact Games Team 17 & Small Impact Games as 6th-14th Sept 2022. Read on if you’d like to find out the Marauder’s beta time!

The developers announced the new Beta at Gamescom 22. The Marauders Beta in May (first for streamers, then for the general public) and the previous Beta in July were both huge successes, and this Marauders Beta seems to be just as successful.

The Beta will only last a few hours per day since it serves primarily as a technical test by the Developers to improve the game on Steam. Please see below for more information, including everything we know about Marauder’s Closed Beta and Open Beta.

How can I play the Marauders Beta game?
Pre-Order the Marauders Beta to be able to play it. This article will show you how to do it.

What is the Marauders’ game?

Marauders share many elements with Escape From Tarkov. It’s an extract-style, timed game where players have 25 minutes to complete a task. The mission is to loot and upgrade your gear. A variety of missions can be completed for money, XP, items and a mixture of PvP/E action.

It isn’t as hardcore as Tarkov, but it doesn’t slow down; you can customize your weapon and maintain it more efficiently, and combat is much easier to pick up. It also combines first-person shooting and spaceship combat. For more information, please read our Marauders ship guide.

We know the closed Alpha showcased approximately 25% of the content the developers have created for the game. The first Beta also gave us a new map and subtle gameplay tweaks. We expect to see more in the second Beta.

What is the Marauder’s Closed Beta Date?

Pre-ordering the game will give you access to the Second marauders Closed Beta. This Beta runs from 6th through 14th September 2022.

This Beta will last for three days more than the five-day July Beta. We appreciate the fans’ request to extend the Beta and are glad to see that the publishers and developers have responded. Unlike the previous Beta, the test will be limited to a set number of hours per day.

Is there a Marauders Open Beta available?

It seems unlikely that Team 17 or Small Impact Games will host an Open Beta for Marauders. The game’s Early Access release was scheduled for October. The September Beta of Marauders will likely be the last before the Early Access release on Steam.

Marauders Beta time & Marauders Beta dates for September!
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