Oh Snap! Marvel Snap gets an October Release Date
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Oh Snap! Marvel Snap gets an October Release Date

Oh Snap! Marvel Snap gets an October Release Date

Oh, Snap! Marvel Snap gets an October Release Date.

Marvel Snap is a Marvel-based mobile game card game. A new trailer has been released with a release date. Marvel Snap was developed by Second Dinner, a developer who also worked on Hearthstone. It will launch globally on P.C. and on mobile on October 18th. This launch comes five months after The May reveal trailer showed the game’s basic features and revealed the closed beta, which took place this summer. Pre-registration is now possible for players who are interested in the game.

Marvel Snap is a new twist on traditional TCG games. It abandons the turn-based system for a fast-paced strategy. Both players play their cards simultaneously, and matches last only a few minutes. It is described as faster than a bagel taking to toast and easier than solitaire in the trailer. Players can double their stakes if the game seems close to winning or if they are trying to trick their opponent into folding.

The cards are based on Marvel villains and heroes, but the roster goes beyond the mainstream. The trailer features Spider-Man, Captain America, and Squirrel Girl. Goose is an alien cat from Captain Marvel. There are more than 150 cards available, and the games can be played in any of the 80 Marvel locations. Many art styles are available for cards, so your Mystique may not look exactly like mine. (Ok, technically, Mystique could look like any other shapeshifter because she can be shaped as you wish, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

Marvel Snap will also be preparing for post-launch support. New cards will be added across multiple seasons. S.W.O.R.D. was one of the themes in the summer beta. S.H.I.E.L.D. and Heroes for Hire and Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Marvel Snap’s trailer was revealed today at the Disney & Marvel Games show. We’re looking forward to hearing news about Amy Hennig’s new game. It will, reportedly, include Captain America as well as Black Panther during WWII.

Oh Snap! Marvel Snap gets an October Release Date
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