Skydance Marvel Game Might Adapt Captain America/Black Panther Mini-Series

Skydance Marvel Game Might Adapt Captain America/Black

Skydance Marvel Game Might Adapt Captain America/Black Panther Mini-Series

Skydance Marvel Game Might Adapt Captain America/Black

Today, Disney peed at another title featuring Marvel Comics’ heroes during Expo 2022. Skydance’s New Media division is headed by Uncharted and Legacy Of Kain writer Amy Hennig. We were not given a code name or name for the title, which is odd.

This trailer shows Paris’ skyline as it was in the olden days. Then, the crew enters a hotel room to collect documents and wear a uniform bearing Hydra’s mark. There are also brief glimpses of Captain America, Black Panther, and two other characters who remain unnamed. The final concept art shows the four main characters with a split between Paris & Wakanda. The game’s tagline is “Four heroes.” Two worlds. One war.

Although no further information was provided, Marc Bernardin joined Hennig on a panel to discuss the game after the stream. It will be interesting to see how this game divides its time between these places or what kind of game it is.

The two characters are Marvel icons, but the identities of the other two are unknown. If I had to guess, the soldier would be Gabriel Jones, one Sgt. Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos. Another character appears to be Dora Milaje. She is one of the female warriors who protect Wakanda’s king. EDIT: A press release identifies Dora Milaje, Manali, as the head of Wakanda’s sky network.

The game may be an adaptation of Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers. Marvel Comics published the mini-series in 2010. It was written by Reginald Hudlin and drawn by Denys Cowan, a veteran artist. It shows the first encounter between Captain America and Black Panther in World War II. In this instance, the Black Panther is not T’Challa or his father. This is King Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather. Nanali, T’Chaka’s mother and sister S’Yan’s Queen of Wakanda is Nanali.

Gabe Jones is a member of the Howling Commandos, telling the story mainly through his eyes. The Commandos accompany Captain America to Africa. They chase Hydra and Nazis and meet Panther when they come across Wakanda. They eventually come to blows, but they learn to respect each other. They face off against the Red Skull and his soldiers and are trying to seize Wakanda’s vibranium. The comic is the basis for the game. Expect to face a lot of Nazis, including Warrior Woman and Master Man, as well as Armless Tiger Man and Warrior Woman. The Red Skull also wears power armor.

Captain America/Black Panther Flags of Our Fathers ends with Captain America departing Wakanda, armed with a single nugget of vibranium that Azzuri gave him. He was inspired by the Wakandans’ circular shields to make the familiar shield he uses in modern times rather than the triangular shield he used back then.

The entire series can be viewed at the link above. This can keep you updated while we wait for Skydance to release its title. Given the lack of a release window, it doesn’t appear that Skydance will be released anytime soon.

Skydance Marvel Game Might Adapt Captain America/Black
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