Street Fighter 6 – Luke Movelist Guide
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Street Fighter 6 – Luke Movelist Guide

Street Fighter 6 – Luke Movelist Guide

Street Fighter 6 – Luke Movelist Guide

Ryu is still the Street Fighter’s poster child. However, Capcom loves to add new characters to the mix from time to time. Street Fighter 3 saw Alex, the grappler, and now it’s the turn of Street Fighter 6 of Luke, who is MMA-influenced. Luke is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new character.

This article will cover everything you need about Luke’s Street Fighter 6 novelist, including his Overdrives (EX Moves), Unique Moves and Super Arts.

Special Moves

Luke’s preferred projectile attack, the Sand Blast attack, sees Luke unleash a shockwave from his fists at his opponent. The strength of your punch button will determine how much the Sand Blast covers the screen. It can also cover more area depending on the speed of the move.

It is not recommended to be used as a crutch. This could make you vulnerable to more skilled and more competent players. Sand Blast also has an Overdrive version. This can be triggered by pressing two buttons. It deals more damage and knocks down the opponent.

Fatal Shot

Luke is a great character to start with if you want a quick overview of the Drive system. He has many moves that convert the Drive gauge into additional damage. Fatal Shot, for instance, can be used to spend Drive gauges during Overdrive Sand Blast.

Fatal Shot, one of the most expensive Overdrive moves, costs two drive gauges. This is because you only have six total meters. However, it is highly effective at gaining an advantage when your opponent launches projectiles at you. Drive gauges will refill over time.

Street Fighter 6 – Luke Movelist Guide
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