Gotham Knights has received mixed reviews

Gotham Knights has received mixed reviews

Gotham Knights has received mixed reviews

Gotham Knights have received mixed reviews.


Gotham Knights reviews are out now. It’s a surprising array, with scores ranging from the less impressed to those who consider it the game of the year.

James gave us a tour through Gotham City, taking the role of Nightwing and Batgirl as they try to bring justice back into the shadows of their mentor Batman. Despite its flaws, he said that Gotham Knights is an excellent title and deserves a place in every Batman fan’s collection.

James Berich from PressStart agreed it was clich√©, but Gotham Knights are more than its parts if you persevere through the rough beginning. Jesse Norris from XboxEra acknowledged some “major flaws” and that the story was disappointing, but the multiplayer and solo modes shine with enough variety across the four proteges.

These conclusions align with the review by PCGamer, which stated that “everything” in Gotham Knights could be done better in another game and that it felt like “fighting in mud.” Inverse’s Joseph Yaden also found it difficult to find enjoyment in the game. He said that the game had “terrible combat,” unnecessary RPG systems, a half baked ending and miserable Jason Todd. VG247 claimed that the game lacks originality. Game Informer and comparedaid that the game was “messy” in comparison to other Batman games.

The game’s Metacritic score hovers around nearly as many mixed reviews as there are positive reviews at the time of writing. Gotham Knights will be available tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, so we’ll soon see what fans have to say.

Gotham Knights has received mixed reviews
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