Miniclip was permanently shut down

Miniclip was permanently shut down

Miniclip was permanently shut down

Miniclip was permanently shut down.

Today we will fly the flag at half-mast at the GAMINGbible offices in memory of Miniclip. Now, the servers that hosted the browser games we used as soon as our teacher went to get an extra chair have been taken over by the GAMINGbible offices.

Since the Library of Alexandria fire, there has never been another tragedy of such magnitude. It was built with a budget of PS40,000 and housed about 400 games from every genre. In 2008, its value was more than PS275 million. On the Run was a driving game in which you had to avoid being chased by hostile cars. Pulse-pounding stuff.

The Pharoah’s Tomb required a bit more grey matter to complete. It pits you against the hazards and creatures within the maze. The end of Adobe Flash has exacerbated Miniclip’s decline in games. This year, Miniclip began prioritizing its mobile offerings over browser games.’s evolution marks a significant milestone in our Miniclip journey.

Many of our players have migrated to mobile to enjoy their favorite games, such as or Soccer Stars. In its announcement, the website stated that it is important to provide the best experience possible for as many fans as possible. The servers for 8 Pool Ball,, and are still available, but the non-profit Internet Archive hosts a variety of Miniclip favorites.

Miniclip was permanently shut down
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